I'm a Senior Engineer with over 20 years of work experience in creating digital products.

About Me

I am Kai Hannonen, a freelance engineer from Finland. I work remotely from my cozy home office. I'm easy-going, calm and analytic if needed. I'm slightly introverted, I usually listen more than talk, but also love joking. My mother language is Finnish, but I speak, read and write English fluently.

I have worked in world-class teams with companies such as Telia,Nokia, Notch, NBA,FC Barcelona and Nordkapp. I've worked as a Startup co-founder and CTO and worked as an entrepreneur for years.

My Stack

I work on Mac environment and I'm comfortable working from the command-line. Most of my code I write in VSCode.

I have experience working with AWS, GCP, Vercel, and many other cloud and hosting services and platforms.

Typically I write Javascript and Typescript, I'm at home with CSS, Sass, Styled Components and other variants. Nowadays I mostly build my user interfaces with React, Next or Vue - with tools like Jest and Storybook.

I know how to scale back-end services. I have experience with Node.js, Serverless, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Redis...


Currently I am looking for a full-time project to work on, so please feel free to hit the button below to contact me.

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